New Zealand's South Island, is the gateway to stunning fiords, glaciers, ski fields and vineyards. This lakeside city provides the pulse that keeps this virgin corner of the world energetic and youthful making it the perfect destination for travelers who want a taste of New Zealands and the adventure that awaits. Here are some of the top places not to miss for an adventure on the South Island of New Zealand.

Abel Tasman National Park and Golden Bay. Motueka is a two-hour drive to the west. Motueka is a good town to stay in close to Abel Tasman National Park, since it provides all of the basic amenities and more which including fast food restaurants. While on the other hand, Golden Bay is located just a few miles away up over Takaka Hill.

Both Abel Tasman National Park And Golden Bay are filled with beaches all over. The Golden sand and crystal clear water it has pls the refreshing scent of nature in the air which just takes the experience to a whole new level of relaxation. The best part when in Abel and Golden Bay is scuba dive or try hiking along the coast.

Fox Glacier or Franz Josef Glazier. Try hiking in these glaciers, its the New Zealand way of hiking in ice. When you can do the hike, the glaciers are slowly melting down as the Earth gets warmer and warmer every day, so this is an opportunity for you to experience this once in a lifetime adventure and close up. The glaciers also sometimes produce a nice light blue color which is just stunning and once in a lifetime moment to see.

You can also visit Lake Matheson which is near Fox Glacier. Lake Matheson has one of the best views, in a windless day you may actually get a chance to see the iconic post mail like photo of the reflection of the mountains that surround the lake.

Milford Sound is known for its mountain peaks protruding out of the sea like towers in combination with huge waterfalls. Therefore, it is highly recommend doing a Milford Sound boat tour. Such a tour would not only allow you to see the mountains around Queenstown but also allow you to enjoy the mountain peaks and waterfalls of Milford Sound on a boat.

Skyline Gondola. According to Viator, the Gondola skyline sits upmost the steepest lift in the Southern Hemisphere on Bob's Peak, with a top terminal reaching over a half a mile high. Sit and relax as you experience the best view in the city, revealing Queenstown for all its beauty. The Gondola Skyline is also considered by many to be one of the greatest views in the world plus it has one of the best cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a wonderful meal and if you're lucky, a traditional Maori performance.

Fiordland. This destination has one of the best if not the best then the most dramatic landscapes in New Zealand. Since it is almost uninhabited by humans, the area is a haven for wildlife. The mountains house forest birds while the lakes and sounds are home to penguins, seals, sea lions, dolphins and the occasional whale.

Strolling in Fiordland is the best way to enjoy the land. The best known is the Milford Walk which takes you, over four days, from the head of Lake Te Anau to Milford Sound. Other hikes include the Routeburn and Keplar tracks. Other activities if your an adventure junkie include fishing, kayaking, diving and horse riding. For more about the best of New Zealand and all over the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.