As fans all over the world eagerly await "Mass Effect Andromeda" whose release is only two months away, developers EA are going to help make the wait a little bit easier by offering "Mass Effect 2" for free. EA has already given the next "Mass Effect" game a March 21 release date, so this prospect presumably has many gamers in the mood to replay the original trilogy all over again.

"Mass Effect 2" is widely regarded by many fans and critics alike as the best in the trilogy. This is saying something because the other two "Mass Effect" titles were released to very positive reviews as well. The sci-fi action RPG has been praised for its gameplay, branching storylines, and engaging characters.

The freebie being given away by EA as part of its special "On the House" promo is the standard edition of Mass Effect 2, meaning it will not contain all of the bonus weapons, armor, digital artbook, and soundtrack that are all included in the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. Getting the game is easy as all you have to do is go to the official Origins website, click on the button that says "Add to my library" and just wait while the game downloads.

Once the game has been downloaded to your PC, it will be yours to keep permanently. There are no catches to this whatsoever, but be warned because this offer is for a limited time only, so gamers who want to secure their free digital copy of Mass Effect 2 will have to act fast before time runs out.

This is not the first time EA has given away Mass Effect 2 for free as it did the exact same thing last December, as reported by Polygon. Mass Effect 2 was originally released for the PC and Xbox 360 in 2010, and was released for the PS3 the following year.