Travelers thrilled by the "Harry Potter" franchise and its shooting locations do not need to be wizards and witches to access these amazing ancient and magical halls of arcane spells and flying brooms. While there are no guaranteed ghosts and magical monsters in these locations, travelers can get a feel of the long dinner tables of Oxford University, the actual shooting set location in Alnwick Castle and even ride to these locations in King's Cross Station just in London

Salem Witch Museum, Massachusetts. This museum was not ever a part of the actual movie but the moment travelers enter inside, the magic just happens. Travelers could feel magic, terror or awe upon entering the early Victorian-era museum-- a feeling comparable to entering "Olivander's Wand Shop". In fact, there's a "Wynott's Wands" shop that can grant one's wand wishes, if any.

Black Park Country Park, England. Remember those scenes in the "Forbidden Forest?" They were shot in England's well-known Black Park Country Park. According to Swifty, Hagrid the giant's hut is nowhere in this location now -- set bosses may have finally evicted the poor huge sap now that the movie series is over.

 King's Cross Station, London. Playing by English eccentricities with a touch of J.K. Rowling's twists, King's Cross Station hid Platform 9 and 3/4 -- where one can access the "Hogwarts Express" -- pretty well until the staff decided to place a Platform 9 and 3/4 sign. But "muggle" tourists could not access it. Bummer. The Hogwarts Express exists as an actual train though, according to according to Time.

Christ Church, England. Oxford university tourists could find the "Great Hall" of Hogwarts without having to ride the "Hogwarts Express" in the Christ Church's mess hall. Those long dinner tables lined up together and wall paintings are unmistakably enchanted and should be moving right about soon.

Alnwick Castle, England. The exterior of "Hogwarts" seen during "Quidditch" games and even Harry's first flying lesson in the first film were shot in Alnwick Castle in England. The gigantic castle is open to anyone to enter -- but the interiors are not Hogwarts.