In terms of cost and activities, February is the best time to visit South Korea. As this is your last chance to sample Korea's brand of winter, here are our top 5 reasons why February is the perfect month to visit South Korea if you are a budget traveler.

Cheaper Travel Costs

Traditionally, the hotel and airfare costs eat up the majority of a traveler's budget. As it is still winter season in South Korea, you can get hotel rooms and airline tickets for less than the average price for any time of the year.

Take In The Sights & Ice Skate at Yeouido Park

You may already have experienced winter and have no inclination to go through it again, on your native country or any other country. But give winter in South Korea a chance. Seoraksan National Park and the Naksansa Temple are a must see for budget travelers. Visitors can also ice-skate at the Yeouido Park. The park will be open until February 17, 2017.

February 2017 Korean Events & Festivals

After spending the day outdoor, it's time to get away from the cold for a little while and sample South Korea's events and festivals held this year on February. Visit the Smithsonian Photo Exhibit at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (open until March 15, 2017), catch an art exhibit by Alphonse Mucha at the Seoul Art Center's Hangaram Art Exhibition (open until March 5, 2017), and go through a K-pop Experience Program and learn via the K-pop dance program.

Traditional Food Feast

Visitors get to sample South Korea's traditional food especially after the Korean Lunar New Year. Travelers can visit the local markets like Gwangjang Market or the Namdaemun Market and try traditional Korean sweets (Hangwa), pancake (Jeon), sliced rice cake soup (Tteokguk), and honey cookies (Yakgwa).

Valentine's Day In South Korea

Most countries celebrate Valentine's Day with the men and women give cards, flowers, or presents to their partners. In Korea, however, February the 14th is a special day for women. Valentine's Day in Korea means only women give chocolates to men. Yes, it is fun for men in February but women also get the chance to receive their non-chocolate candies every March 14th , called the White Day.

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