London's a great place to eat as long as you plan ahead and stay away from the tourist traps. While the London lifestyle may not be getting any cheaper, the appetite for the best value meal has never been bigger. With the cost of rent and travel taking the most hits out of our income, knowing where to find the city's best budget restaurants is way important than ever.

Here is a list of the best cheap eats in London from almost everything edible. So that whatever your budget is, you can still enjoy and explore the city's best culinary delights at sceneries as well.

A pioneer of London's trend for branching out into regional Chinese cuisines, Silk Road quietly churns out favourites from the north-west frontier province of Xinjiang. According to TimeOut, Silk Road's short menu includes Sichuan style dishes which perhaps is an influence of the ethnic Han owners but skip past these dishes to focus on the Xinjiang specialities.

Small, fatty pieces of lamb crusted, chilli and salt and grilled on a skewer are an example. Dumplings filled with meat or vegetables are typical northern China staples, In this kind of dishes lamb is more dominant than pork but its one thing to try and taste.

Balls And Company. There is nothing better but to try out some meatballls. This small yet elegant restaurant is very simple and looks really cool inside and out because of how it is design.

But enough of the appearance, lets move to what it tastes like and what to eat. Of course, balls, meatballs of your own choice of protein whether you choose wagyu beef, pork, chicken salmon plus a sauce and side dish is provided as well all for a cost of around 14 pounds.

The huge burritos of Daddy Donkey have made locals come regularly to line up and take an order. But we can definitely say that the food they serve is special and is worth the wait. According to Movebubble, Daddy Donkey serve tortillas stuffed with any choice of meat you prefer plus black beans, coriander lime rice, guacamole, salsa, some sour cream and cheese to top it off which wil surely make you crave all over and over again in due time.

This once small stall located at the Brixton Market, Franco Manca now has eleven restaurant branches all over London and are known as one of the best places in London for a delicious and cheap priced meals. Their specialty is the brick old baked sourdough disks which is covered in artisan toppings from all over Europe. Meal prices starts at £4.50.

According to Evening Standard, Malaysian Kitchen Roti King, which is just right next to the Euston station, is well known for their amazing--you guessed it!--rotis. Their famous Roti canal is one of the most sought our foods in the market which is very soft in texture, flaky, buttery and with a choice of curry with lamb, chicken or fish depending on you own taste.

They also have the Nasi Goreng which is a spicy stir fried rice around it consists different kinds of seafood and chicken with a tast of coconut from the oil it is cooked in. Prices starts fom £5.50 to £6.50 respectively. For more of the latest food guides and current events around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.