There is no safer place like home. But not for a traveller, of course. As he mingles and talks to people, asks for direction or just simply trying to have a new friend, these become an opportunity for shady locals to trick or lure him in a scam. There are so many tourist scams around the world. And some scammers are smart enough to pull off a great show. They are "expert" on what they do.

It is important to be always aware of how people behave toward you. A very innocent and overfriendly person can spell a disastrous vacation. Here are some of the most common tourist scams every traveller should know about:

The Transport scams. Telegraph reports reports that in some Asian countries, a taxi driver will drop your change by "accident" and will hand you similar looking bill or coins. But these change are actually of lesser value. In Vegas, some taxi drivers will "help" their passengers remove all the bags from the car boot. The unsuspecting passenger will soon finds out that one more bag is missing as the taxi speeds-off. Overcharging taxi drivers with broken meters are common almost everywhere.

ATM ScamsA local will caution against very high bank fees. Another local waiting on the line will agree with him. He will then "help" you transact in the ATM avoiding any charge. You will thank him for that. But soon after, they already know your card number as well as your passcode.

Photo Offer. You are in an idyllic spot and you want a photograph for a souvenir. A stranger will offer to take your picture. You give him your expensive camera as you turn your back to be ready for a pose. As you ready, he's gone.

Hotels. Taxi drivers will tell that the hotel that you want is closed or under renovation and will take you to another hotel that will overcharge you. The taxi driver will receive a fat cheque for bringing you in. Be more conscious of other forms of scams. Travelers Today reports reports some of it.