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The Year Of Tourism Is 2017: Cheaper Air Fares, Lodging, WiFi Everywhere And More

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Updated: Jan 04, 2017 04:41 AM EST

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Almost every nation is beautifying its landscapes and urban zones to promote its natural, cultural and experiential tourism. To lure more would-be travelers into their respective countries, airlines are lowering their airfares, airports and local city avenues are boosting their internet accessibility and improving accommodations for their numerous visitors. Indeed, 2017 is the year of tourism.

According to LA times, the world is moving towards a "traveler-friendly" attitude by adding traveler-centric innovations, such as the Jo&Joe concept it highlighted. The news website also said accommodations in hotels and hostels are unlikely to change in 2017 unless travelers are in California or Las Vegas

Airfares are about to rise -- for travelers heading to America and Europe. But for outgoing Western tourists, the airfares are improving. According to Bloomberg, despite oil producing countries limiting production of oil to reduce surplus and increase worldwide prices, Indian air transportation companies did not cut fares in November and even sold tickets about 12 percent cheaper for domestic flights -- even during peak seasons.

Despite the oil price increase, Western airline companies are becoming profitable. Better figures for airline companies mean newer and reliable airbuses, and free food for passengers -- even those in economy class. Airports and airlines are making it easier for younger travelers by making high-speed WiFi access free in most airports, allowing them to plan their itineraries effectively using their smartphones and internet devices.

Day rooms are also becoming popular in most hotel chains worldwide. Renting rooms by the hour rather than by day or month are better alternatives and definitely amazing money-savers worth considering for any single-day or even overnight trip where one just needs a nap. If not, then train coaches offer extra bunk beds for travelers who want their day and night to be both productive as they head towards their destinations while taking a bountiful rest.

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