Taylor Swift's ex, Conor Kennedy was being arrested after being involved in a bar fight. It was reported that the reason of the fight between him and a group of men was because Connor's friend was being called a common homophobic slur.

There were news leaked online that Taylor Swfit's ex, Connor Kennedy was being involved in a fight. According to USA Today, the 22-year old eldest son of Robert Kennedy Jr, an environmental activist, Connor Kennedy was being arrested Thursday night, December 29. Based on the report, it was stated that Connor was involved in the fight in front of Boosty Bellows nightclub on Hyman Avenue.

According to Aspen Times, it was reported that the reason behind his bar fight was a group of four men called his friend a common homophobic slur. Connor asked a group of men to apologize for calling his gay friend such word. In fact, one of the men came over and apologized to his friend but when the crowd began leaving, two of the men began using homophobic slur.

"One of the men did come over and apologize to his friend at that point, he said. But when the crowd began leaving the club an hour later, at least two of the men began using homophobic slurs against Conor Kennedy's friend again and he told them to stop, Robert Kennedy said on an interview.

The fight started about 1:40 am outside the Boosty Bellow nightclub. According to the report, there were no physical contact between Connor's gay friend and the group of men.

Assistant Police Chief Bill Linn said that they were following up about the said allegations. On the other hand, there were no allegations of additional crimes based on the statement of the witnesses and to those people who were involved in the said incident.

Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct, a municipal offense treated as a misdemeanor. Conor Kennedy apologized to Atkinson after he was arrested and said "He called my friend the F-word".