Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds, who starred in "Singin' in the Rain" and many other film classics, has passed away. She was 84. Her death comes a day after that of her daughter, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher's death. Reynolds' son, Todd Fisher, said his mother died on Wednesday.

She was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke at her Beverly Hills home on Wednesday, one day after her daughter Carrie Fisher had passed away. Todd Fisher said that his mother is now with Carrie and they were all heartbroken. He said the stress of losing his sister, Carrie, was too much for his mother to handle.

In a report by the Associated Press, her last words according to her son were "I want to be with Carrie", before passing away shortly afterwards. She was one of MGM's top stars during the 50's and 60's, and starred in classics such as "Singin' in the Rain (1952) and "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" (1964). She also had a good, but tumultuous relationship with her daughter.

In January 2015, she was given the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award, and in August of that same year she was chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to be the recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2014 Governor Awards which took place on November 14, 2015. However, she was unable to make it to the ceremony as she was still recovering from surgery.

She enjoyed tremendous success during her career, but also had to endure plenty of personal tragedies, such as when her first husband, Eddie Fisher, left her for Elizabeth Taylor. She also had to deal with her two other husbands who she claimed squandered millions of dollars of her own money. In 1997, the actress filed for bankruptcy after she was forced to close the Debbie Reynolds Hotel and Casino due to years of financial struggles.

Reynolds continued to do occasional movie roles and received an Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Bobbi Adler, the mother of Grace Adler in the hit TV sitcom “Will & Grace.” According to Ruta Lee in an interview with CNN affiliate KABC’s George Pennachio, one of Reynold’s longtime friends, the actress used her fame and influence to help others in need. She is survived by her son Todd Fisher and granddaughter Bobbi Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fisher.