Seasoned travelers often tell new travelers to avoid flipping out an entire map for too long or taking out their smartphones for a good reason; pickpockets spot and trail travelers. They would also tell new travelers to be vigilant and mindful of their backpacks -- pickpockets will use knives to tear open bags and pilfer anything they find valuable. A new Kickstarter project named "Bobby" is designed to thwart pickpockets with its secret compartments and durable material that can stop knives.

According to The Daily Star, XDDESIGN's "Bobby" is a backpack made from "layers of 300D polyester, 600D polyester and 6mm anti-shock foam" that not even combat knives can cut through easily. The news website said XDDESIGN claims the backpack is "the safest backpack" in the entire world. Additional features include an on-the-go USB charging port and the ability to go all-weather with its water-repellent fabric.

"Bobby's" design is minimalist -- in a utilitarian view it is also protectionist. It appears as a grey backpack with no pockets on the front. In its back lies small slits for transportation cards, smartphones and wallets accessible only to the owner. Inside is a multi-layer backpack with multiple pockets for slim laptops, folders and forms, pens and a portable sports drinking bottle. It also comes with a built-in powerbank for its charging port.

The backpack is an answer to increasing pickpocketing incidents in metros and vacation spots. According to The Daily Mail, pickpocketing incidents in Europe's famous cities amount to hundreds every day having an estimated 300 reported thefts in Spain's Barcelona and citing the Paris Eiffel Tower's staff going on strike due to the high number of thieves in the iconic tourist destination.

Despite XDDESIGN's innovative solution to a long-existing problem in most tourist destinations, travelers must and always remain vigilant with their surroundings and their belongings. As one would always travel with important documents and a tight budget, taking necessary precautions -- while time-consuming and possibly costly -- can prevent a world of trouble.