The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been sharing many posts on its Instagram account. Apparently, most of them are interesting since it managed to have over 600 thousand followers. But recently, TSA posted a photo of a giant teddy bear which received various reactions.

A picture of an adorable gigantic teddy bear slumped beside a trash bin was posted on TSA's Instagram. It comes with a caption that says the bear was left behind by its owners at LAX since it was too big to be a carry-on. TSA also advised passengers to always check the airline's rules when carrying overly large items.

With this, many expressed their dismay that the teddy bear wasn't able to take the flight. According to Stuff NZ, the forlorn looking teddy is named Brodie. As the followers of TSA continued leaving comments, the hashtag #letbrodiefly was prompted since many of them assumed that it belonged to a child.

A photo posted by TSA (@tsa) on Dec 14, 2016 at 2:21pm PST


But later on, TSA clarified that Brodie is not owned by a child after all. It is a stunt by online prankster Jake Paul who even bought an extra seat for the bear on Delta flight. The popular YouTuber made up a story that said bear is a gift to his girlfriend in New York and needs to be on the plane.

The bear got his own boarding passed named "Brodie D Bear." Upon arrival at the airport, they successfully went through the first security since it has all the necessary paperwork but eventually it wasn't allowed on the plane.

After it was decided by the airline and the TSA that the 9 feet teddy bear was too large to fly, Jake Paul was offered a refund for the seat, Mashable reported. They also gave him the option to check Brodie as a checked-in baggage. But the prankster refused. Hence, the teddy bear was left alone at the airport.

Jake Paul's video for said prank even featured some moments he spent with Brodie back in Los Angeles. The bear was bought on Dec. 3 and was abandoned at the airport on Dec. 7.