Myanmar is definitely one of the best travel destinations as it offers tourists new and awesome surprises. One of the only concerns in Myanmar is their means of transportation. However, there is a romantic way of getting there and that is through their famous boat. Burma, Myanmar has become famous with this kind of experience.

Here are among the must-experience boating route to enjoy in Burma, Luxury Travel reported.

1. Sailing between desert island and Andaman Sea - This is one of the boating routes that you must try when you are in Burma. In this place, you can find untouched archipelago along the exchange of lakes and rivers as you pass through the place. It is also known as a jungle-clad island which is also best for sailing yacht.

2. A route at the Inle Lake - Inle Lake is one Myanmar's must see destination. For some other reason, boating in this lake will help you escape from tourist's throng. This is definitely one of the loveliest and least visited areas in Myanmar. One of the main attractions that will catch your breath is the Sunken Tupas.

3. Burma's first vineyard - As you pass by the river of Myanmar, you will also experience the first vineyard in Burma. It was founded by the Europeans in 1999 and it has attracted lots of tourists since then. You will see spectacular sceneries and taste some wine too.

4. Head at the Irrawaddy River - Irrawaddy River is one of the most adventurous locations to try. It has been known as the Road to Mandalay. If you continue cruising northwards, you will see its teak forests and jungle towards the Kachin State. You can also have a chance to stop over for shopping in their small towns, Wanderlust reported.

5. Cruising from Mandalay to Bagan - This is one of the classic Burmese cruising destinations as it links two of the most famous places in Myanmar. These two are among the best historical sites to see in Myanmar.