Three lucky passengers of the British airways were given a special Christmas treat for a business class upgrade when found out that they were the only passengers on board among the 150 seats of travellers. Thus, the crew has given them special treats like unlimited champagne and a chance to stay in the cockpit for unlimited pictures.

The passengers were identified as Laura Stevens, 34, Sarah Hunt 35, and Laurie-Lin Waller, 33. These three lucky passengers enjoyed unlimited champagne during their two and a half hour of flight, the Mirror reported.

Moreover, these girlfriends enjoyed their three-course meal and they party the entire night while taking their "selfies" at the cockpit. These three were scheduled to fly back to the UK from the Gibraltar to London on December 18 after they enjoy their three-day break.

Laura, one of the lucky passengers felt that they were like the cabin crews while on board of the British airline. It was just that the flight was delayed than the expected hour of arrival to their destination.

They were ushered to the business class seats while only paying £80 as an economy return ticket price. They said, they felt like super stars on the jet, the Daily Mail reported. The trio took a lot of photos during the entire flight and was given the chance to stay even at the cockpit by the crew.

They said they could not believe how lucky they were when they realized they were the only passengers on board. Laura and Laurie are both television producers while Hunt is a lawyer, enjoyed their once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience in the said airline.

"We felt like celebrities especially at times that we were given unlimited champagne. It was the best Christmas present we ever received this year. We could not believe how kind and amazing the crews were," the trio happily emphasized.