Most Americans will not travel -- despite their unlimited privilege to do so from employers -- because budgets for vacations can become exorbitant. But this 2017, American employees can make traveling cheaper by cutting costs in the right areas. All it takes is some adventurous lodging, making your own food using local ingredients and surprisingly, lengthier vacation time.

According to MSN, staying in hotels and eating in gourmet restaurants -- which are a must to do if one can afford it -- often pushes up travelers' bills. Their short cheaper vacation guide might focus on family but it does make sense to stay in an Airbnb or apartment instead of a hotel and to cook one's food by doing local groceries does not only help develop time management skills but makes one appreciate local cuisine even better.

Their guide also stresses on focusing on fewer but lengthier vacations. Taking vacations just a few times a year but stretching the vacation to enjoy everything cuts costs for flights and rentals. It is indeed a bit regretful to have a great deal with your Airbnb only to use it for a single overnight stay.

It would be best if you can combine your fewer but lengthier vacations with cheaper flight tips. According to CNN, the best way to do this is if you have a credit card. Some credit cards have "miles" rewards that one can exchange for free flights. Most premium cards can deliver these types of rewards.

Another tip from CNN is to auction free seats in airlines. It said airlines do not expect customers to win as one can overspend on a first-class seat.

The best way to avoid overspending on a vacation, in general, is to manage one's expectations. Over-buying, extravagant living and a lack of focus with one's vacation itinerary are often the reasons most vacationers accumulate higher costs during their travel.  Use a realistic budget that is neither too high nor too low -- and stick with it during your vacation.