Nairobo is the capital city of Kenya and is also known as the "City in the Sun". Visiting this majestic city is also as pleasant as it sounds. There are usually two reasons why people travel to Nairobi: to conduct business and look at the animals.

Mega corporations that are trying to establish themselves in Africa usually go to Nairobi. Contrary to what some might think, Nairobi is actually a very beautiful city where tourists can experience tight traffic jams and see several Western establishments, but can still feed baby elephants and giraffes within the city limits. Tourists can even spot Masai warriors ordering some lattes while wearing their traditional clothing.

The New York Times' Jeffrey Gettleman recently posted a report about the 36 hours he spent in Nairobi, Kenya. Despite his relatively short stay there, the traveler was still able to experience the many sights and sounds of this city. In the report, he mentions how he started his holiday by visiting northern Nairobi's Village Market Mall which is the best place to purchase some souvenirs.

After touring the Village Market Mall he then heads over to the Diamond Plaza mall's food court located in Nairobi's Indian quarter. A dozen booths are arranged around outdoor tables and serves some many native dishes including chicken tikka on the bone and fresh ginger sugar cane juice. Most of the food and beverages here cost 150 to 600 Kenyan shillings.

He then pays a visit to the Galileo Lounge where Elvis Otieno - known locally as "Sir Elvis" - entertains guests with his baritone voice. On the second day of his trip he goes on a wildlife safari tour in Mount Longonot National Park. Mount Longonot is a dormant volcano which he describes as having a "beautiful emerald green" color. Admission to this park is 2,700 shillings, which is equal to at least $270.

He then heads to the Karura Forest which is located right at the middle of the city to experience some peace and quiet. The forest is more than 2,500 acres and tourists can enjoy riding their rental bikes as they get to know more about Nairobi's history. They can even take a peek into the caves that the Mau Mau rebels used to hide in back in the 1950's.

He then proceeds to eat lunch at Brown's Cheese where a cheese tasting lunch is held from Thursdays to Saturdays for 4000 shillings. He manages to explore so much of Nairobi's major tourist attractions within 36 hours that one might think he was staying there for at least a week.