Instagram has been making a lot of tweaks and been adding features to the app for its users to enjoy more. This Tuesday, the social media platform has rolled out a new feature that will let users add stickers to posts and more.

According to Tech Crunch, the new feature will let Instagram users add more color to their photo and video posts by adding stickers. The app currently has seasonal stickers for the holidays such as Christmas trees, snowman, gingerbread man, and a candy cane paint brush. Aside from stickers, users may now also download and save all their stories they shared in the past 24 hours, a feature that is also being catered to Snapchat users.

Instagram has also made few more tweaks in the application by adding a hands-free video capture tool, which will now allow users to capture videos using the app with just one tap. The feature is expected to be useful to users who like to capture activities which require using their both hands.

To add stickers on a photo or video post, users should just simply tap the smiley icon on the top right corner of their screens while in the camera section in the application. The app should show all the stickers available and just choose what they want to add. Instagram will now also let users add multiple text lines to their posts, and have the ability to resize the text boxes, The Verge reports.

The sticker feature is just one of the many major tweaks Instagram has rolled out recently, and most of them are similar to features already existing in Snapchat to keep up with the competition, like the ability to send posts that self-destruct to their followers. Currently, users already has the ability to save other people's posts using a new bookmarking tool in the application, remove followers, and turn off comments on their posts.