Zayn Malik, a former member of the very famous boy band One Direction, has been on the hot seat when news about his break up with the girl group Little Mix's member Perrie Edwards spread out. After a few months, Zayn was then reported to be dating one of the famous Victoria Secret Models, Gigi Hadid.

Comments regarding Malik's relationship emerged in social media and rumors about his break up with his ex-girlfriend added fuel to the fire. However, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid's relationship is now going stronger as seen on Gigi's Snapchat post.

According to ET Online, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid was kissing at the back of a car. The scene can be found in Gigi's Snapchat video, which she posted last Sunday. Zayn and Gigi were both chilling at the back seat of a car as they were listening to Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman.

Gigi suddenly kissed Zayn, more like a peck, on the cheek as the 23- year-old male singer blew smoke out of his mouth. After that short peck on the cheek, they both stared at each other. After a few seconds, they kissed each other on the lips. The short Snapchat video showed how the singer and the model's relationship is going well.

Zayn Malik is quite silent about the specifics about his relationship with Gigi as he regarded it (keeping silent) as what a gentleman should do. He further expressed in the Sirius XM interview that the couple is enjoying a racy sex life.

The recent collaboration of Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift, Gigi's best friend, for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie, Fifty Shades Darker, was said to have been initiated by Gigi. Despite the many reaction regarding Zayn's previous relationship, as Perrie Edwards and her group releases songs that are rumored to be aimed at Zayn, signs show that Zayn and Gigi's relationship is smooth sailing.