United States' National Parks are among the world greatest treasures. It is one of the most historical places that you can visit anytime. It holds lots of memories and stories that any visitor will surely become aware of when visiting the said place.

This year is the grandest among the years since they will be celebrating its hundred years of the National Park services. Should you wish to celebrate with them, here are some tips to follow when planning for a getaway at US National Parks.

1. Identify the dates of your trip - Jimmy Chin, a national photographer and geographic adventurer would always suggest you to plan the dates of your trip ahead of time. If you want to get away from human hassle, then he would suggest planning your trip ahead in order to savor the solitude in the park. He suggested for you to go where seasons are quite and solemn.

2.  Be in the park with a mission in mind - Aside from setting up the date of travel, list down all possible things that you might be doing during your visit. As a way of saving time, make sure to outline the activities in order to maximize your stay in the park. You can choose to have a hike at the Old Faithful and see its different landmarks and or, look for certain locations where you can avoid the noisy crowd.

3.  Bring light baggage - Travel light - this is an essential thing to follow when going to the park. When you are going to this amazing park, less is more. You don't need to pack a lot of clothes since laundry services are always available in their place.

4. Bring your best gear - It is not how much you pack, but what you pack that matters. Make sure to bring the best gear like lamps and most especially your camera. There is nothing more you can do to save memories than that of photos.

5. Look for national park lodge - It would be best also to stay in the nearest lodge in the park. This will enable you to have your morning walk and tour around the place. Make sure to book early in order to be accommodated.