China holds the record for the longest and highest glass bridge, which opened in August of this year. The bridge spans approximately 430 metres (1,400 feet) across two peaks and is suspended 300 metres (984ft) above a sheer drop. As if that is not enough, the country is planning to build yet another bridge, this time, it will be 'invisible', and reports say this bridge will be a hair-raising experience.

Architects who made China's glass bridge are now designing a bridge that blends into the surroundings. Thrill seekers will definitely flock this new landmark. The bridge costs over $4 million to build and has been created by Martin Duplantier Architectes (MDA) and Daqian Landscape Architects.

The bridge will be built using mirrored stainless steel with a floor of black stone that becomes reflective when wet, according to Daily Mail. To create a temporary cloud and misty effect between the mountains, water will be sprayed onto the path every seven minutes.

The goal of the bridge is for the structure to mirror the environment to give the optical illusion of blending into thin air -definitely making it unsuitable for people who are scared of heights.

The path of the bridge is surrounded by a layer of water two centimetres thick. The lower level is a floor made of 100 percent glass, so when visitors look down below, it will be like staring into the void.

The bridge will also feature three pavilions, where one will be used for sleeping. The pavilions will be stacked on top of each other, with all of them offering incredible views but none so much as the rooftop, with its 360-degree panorama. A café will be positioned at the intermediate level, and below it, a VIP suite where guests can spend the night overlooking the landscape, Design Boom said.