Christmas is just around the corner and definitely, this is one of the most awaited seasons of all ages. Most of the cities across the world are being transformed through colorful lights and decorations.

In the UK, one of the popular activities that most of them are doing is to change their outdoor fields into winter wonderland theme. Thus, when you wanted to enjoy ice skating activities, there are 5 best outdoor rinks that you can add to your bucket list this Christmas 2016.

1. Birmingham Ice Skate - This is an ideal outdoor skating rink that offers you a 600sq. meter of fun-filled ice of space. Here you can wear your skating boots on and showcase your ice skating moves freely together with your friends and families. Anyone can enjoy a whole day of ice skating experience while also tasting their foods and drinks.

2. Ice Rink in Royal Pavilion - This is one of the best skating rinks in the East of UK. It is open every day from morning until night. Kids and adult can merely spend several hours while enjoying this winter sports activity. They also offer their ice skaters with some sorts of refreshments like chocolates and wine.

3.  Eden Project Ice Rink - One of the unique things about Eden Project Ice Rink is their snowflakes being decorated all over the place. Aside from their skating rink, they also offer enchanted rain forest and real-life Christmas trees.

4. Royal Pavilion - This is found in Brighton which is being illuminated with ice rinks. Along their historic buildings, lies the twinkling ice of their ice skating rinks. Alongside the rink are bars and restaurants that sell good food as well.

5. National History Museum Swarovski Ice Rink - Surprisingly one of the best ice skating rinks found in London which is also being decorated with a large Christmas tree. This is a perfect place for enjoyment and amusement together with love ones and friends.