"Narcos'" Season 2 finale was an explosive one featuring Pablo Escobar being shot to death by members of the Search Bloc on a rooftop in Medellin in an explosive exchange of bullets. The episode concluded with the life story of the influential kingpin. Escobar's son, however, claimed that his father committed suicide and not shot, to protect his family from authorities.

Escobar, the infamous cartel boss, became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine. His capture was the result of a 15-month search effort.

Now fans are asking, will there be a Season 3? Yes, Netflix confirmed. The series renewed for another two seasons and it promises to tackle more surprising storylines. "Narcos" Season 3's official release date is yet to be announced, but due to the show's early renewal, it is likely that the new season will be aired in Fall 2017, the Inquistr said.

Reports also say that season 3 will focus on the Cali Cartel and its members, who have been introduced by Pablo Escobar in previous episodes, both as his partners and nemeses. Godfathers of the Cali Cartel consist of brothers Gilberto and Miguel, Pacho Herrera played by Alberto Ammann, and a fourth named Chepe, who is said to be an interesting character but is yet to be introduced.

"Narcos" new casts will include Andrea Londo, who will play the role of Maria, a former Colombian beauty. Nicholas Gonzales from "Pretty Little Liars" will star as DEA agent Lopez, while Michael Stahl-David will portray Chris Feist, an American agent appointed to track down the cartels.

Meanwhile, Boyd Holbrook, who played the role of DEA agent Steve Murphy, was previously reported to not come back to "Narcos" anymore. Other reports surfaced that the actor is actually currently negotiating with the production company to reprise his role in the next series.