The newest concept in hypersonic jet claims to be the future of air travel. Designers of the jet claims that it could fly at an average velocity of 3,800 miles per hour, making it possible to travel from London to New York in as little as two hours. Not only that, it boasts a powerful engine that could climb to 60,000 feet, making it possible for passengers to get a full minute trip into space and see the Earth from above. Is this even possible?

This revolution in air travel was conceptualized by Imaginactive's founder, Charles Bombadier, while the design of the hypersonic jet was made by Juan Garcia Mansilla, a designer based in Buenos Aires. On the other hand, NASA plays a vital role in the development of this project, led by Engineer Rebecca Farr.

So how does this jet work? According to designer Mansilla, the engine is a new paradoxal concept where air is breathed through its wings. It is then converted to a rocket-like characteristic through the use of liquid nitrogen, allowing the jet to reach a space-high altitude at a very fast speed. More technical discussion regarding the jet is featured by the Daily Mail.

The hypersonic jet would be shaped like a triangle. Inside, there would be theater-like seats which can accommodate more than a hundred passengers. Passengers' baggage could be stored at the back part of the jet. According to Independent, the futuristic design would be more exciting if it would include a panoramic rooftop which can let passengers to have a full view of the Earth, the stars and the vast space. However, further studies should be made for this design plan to be pushed through, since traveling through space entails high heat and flight stress.

Although the concept of the future of air travel is exciting to most people, one would have to wait for a few more years before this futuristic jet will come to life. The target to fly the first prototype is in 2023, and commercial flights could come much later.