Susan Olsen has been fired from her job as a radio DJ in a local radio station. The LA Talk Radio has fired the "Brady Bunch" star after expressing a homophobic rant on Facebook.

The 55-year-old child star has featured Leon Acord-Whiting as a guest in her segment entitled "Two Chicks Talking Politics" on the radio station on December 7. After the interview, the openly gay Acord-Whiting shared a post on Facebook stating that the 55-year-old former child star is "unprofessional" and "dangerous," reports Fox News.

Acord-Whiting said on his Facebook post that LA Talk Radio is being irresponsible for letting Olsen work for them as a radio DJ and a segment co-host because she is a Trump fanatic and always make comments and information that is incorrect. He also said that he will not appear and accept interviews in the radio station as long as Olsen is working for them. He also accused Olsen of spreading outrageous comments, which is dangerous and unprofessional.

A day after, according to US Weekly, Olsen responded to the post and reacted by sharing a post on her Facebook account, saying that she has been blocked by Acord-Whiting on Facebook before she sees it and reacts to the post. The "Brady Bunch" star also added that if anyone sees Acord-Whiting to send him her love.

Acord-Whiting then did not let up and shared another post on Facebook, showing a screenshot of a message allegedly sent to her by Olsen, calling him a snake and a coward for choosing to rant on Facebook instead of confronting her about the issue. Olsen also called him a "little p*ssy" and a "F****t *ss" on the screenshot, wishing he meets his karma slow and painful.

On December 9, LA Talk Radio has made an announcement on Facebook that they have already fired Olsen from the radio company. The radio station also explained that LA Talk Radio does not tolerate their employees making hateful speeches, and insisted that they take pride in their relationship with the LGBT community and will take efforts in making it last.