Gigi Hadid will most likely follow the footsteps of artists and other models who have taken a time off social media. The 21-year-old model has announced while in New York that she will be taking a break from two social media platforms.

According to Hadid, she will be taking a break of her Instagram and Twitter accounts during an event for Reebok's Perfect Never campaign, reports Inquisitr. However, the Victoria's Secret model cleared that she will only be off the social media platforms over the holidays. She added that she thinks she needs a break in order for her to focus on her career and herself.

The model also explained that she thinks that she really needed to take a break, that's why she's going to take one. Hadid also said that she will highly appreciate people who will support her in this decision, and will still choose to follow her when she decides to go back. She also said that she might decide not to follow those who will not understand her decision.

According to Huffington Post, Hadid also announced during the campaign that she has been suffering from Hasimoto's disease. The model has been battling with the thyroid disease for two years now and has been taking medication since then.

Hadid's also did not escape from the eyes of the public, who noticed that the model is getting slim. The model explained that this year, her thyroid disease has made an effect on her body metabolism.

Recently, Selena Gomez also decided to take a time off her social media accounts to attend to her own health and undergo rehab. Kendall Jenner also took a break from her Instagram account and said that she needs to have a detox from the social media platform and thinks that she has been a lot dependent on it.