Just when you think ice hotels are only available when the temperature drops below zero. The very first Ice hotel to remain frozen the entire finally opens in the northern tip of Sweden, Jukkasjärvi.

The one that started the ice hotel trend is Sweden's famous Icehotel. It has developed a new shiver-inducing fortress that will remain frozen for an entire year. So even during summer, you can fulfill your dream to experience being in the kingdom of Arendelle, for at least overnight.

According to Business Insider Australia's report, ICEHOTEL has created 2,100 square meters of hand-carved ice rooms that include 20 suites and a gallery of magnificent ice sculptures. The owner of the stunning Icehotel Yngve Bergqvist announced that the new part of the hotel, which opened in November already had visitors staying in the "Art Suites."

Want to feel like a snow siren into the surreal underwater world? Each room has two or three beds with own elaborate ice carvings. The new wing is now giving the entire house hotel a total of 55 art suites and deluxe suites. Strange enough, the hotel requires the sun's heat to keep the refrigerating plant running by the use of solar panels that harness 75 kWh of electricity.

One of the most admired artworks is in "Deluxe Suite Kiss" with twisted branches designed walls by Kestutis Musteikis & Vytautas Musteikis. And also Tommy Alatalo's "Deluxe Suite Don't Get Lost" with its intricate maze-carving designed walls, pillars, and bed case.

Maxim's report includes a gallery of what it looks outside the dreamy ICEHOTEL. The insider's report also reveals that though the structure is mostly augmented with steel, it coated in grass and pumped with chilled air to keep it standing the entire year.

All year-round, the dreary Scandinavian tundra will never be boring again. Just visit the remote village of Jukkasjärvi where the sun shines for 100 nights during summer.