Apple was happy to announce one great news to their consumers. Apple Music, the giant company's music streaming service, has now reached 20 million subscribers, which marks another milestone for the company.

According to Business Insider, Apple has been making a lot of proposals to music artists and labels for the company to have their music only available on Apple Music, which means that customers would have to subscribe to the music streaming service in order to listen to an album or song that is not available on other streaming services. This has contributed to the fast growth of its paying subscribers.

And though some music artists and labels would appreciate being asked for their exclusivity by Apple Music, it seems that some still thinks that the idea does not help the music industry. Kanye West has previously labeled such practice as a "d*ck swinging contest." The rapper thinks that the idea just ruins the music game.

And though exclusive deals with music artists and labels have helped Apple Music increase the number of its paying subscribers, the service is still on the second spot, next to Spotify which has twice the paying subscribers Apple Music has (40 million), CNET reports.

The growing number of music streaming subscribers, including Apple Music and Spotify just proves that the popularity of such service is just getting more intense. Based on a yea-end music report, the number of music streaming service subscribers has doubled up last year. Amidst its popularity, BBC reports that some still thinks that music streaming services that needs subscriptions will soon harm music fans, and mostly music artists. In line with this, Apple Music boss Eddy Cue said that music streaming services like the one they offer is new to their customers since such services already exist in other businesses.