The youngest son of the prominent couple David and Victoria Beckham is on the spotlight these days as he launched his first music album. Many are speculating that this young lad is a Justin Bieber in the making. Some think otherwise of the possibility. What about your take on this young artist?

11-year old Cruz Beckham has released his album and announced it at the Capital FM radio show two days ago. The performance was found sweet, cute and adorable by fans. More than just to charm ladies, the album launching was for a greater cause. It is part of an initiative to help the Global's Make Some Noise, a British radio charity. The proceeds of the album will go to the said organization who will serve charity projects across the country.

Both parents are proud of their son's talent and confidence. Fans predict that he could be the next Justin Bieber. In fact, Cruz Beckham's has signed with Scooter Braun, the talent manager of Justin Bieber. Amidst this positive side, there was one negative remark from radio host Piers Morgan. The host remarked that the boy is just being used by the parents for commercial gain. The parents have not voiced out their reaction to this.

Overall, the budding artist abounds with charm and voice quality. The young lad of the Beckham couple now has 114,000 followers on Instagram and continues to swoon ladies with his acapella videos and snapshots.

"If Everyday Was Christmas" is the carrier song of Cruz Beckham. The songs are now available on iTunes for download and on Spotify for streaming.

Will he be as successful as his parents are? Can he carve a name on the music industry? What's in store for this boy next year? Only time and fans can tell. In the meantime, listen to If Everyday Was Christmas!