Nicki Minaj sure did light up the fire inside her fans on social media. This is after the "Anaconda" singer was slammed by her fans after sharing a video on Instagram on Monday, where she mocks and laughs at a woman suffering from mental illness.

According to Us Weekly, Minaj was taking the video from her car window. The "Starships" singer shoots a video of a woman who was yelling at the rapper while smoking a stick of cigarette and holding a drink in one hand. The woman was heard on the video telling Nicki Minaj she does not need the rapper's help, but instead, the "Anaconda" singer bursts into laughter.

The woman clearly does not want to deal with Minaj and asks her to go away but the "Anaconda" singer, instead of letting the woman be, seemingly tried to annoy the woman by still calling her and asking her to talk to her.

The video has been viewed over two million times, and has gained more than 11,000 comments. Mirror's report states that other people, who seemingly know the woman on the video, commented and said that the woman has a mental illness and is known in the area.

Nicki Minaj's Instagram followers were obviously not happy about the video, and called her actions being insensitive. Most fans said that the video does not serve as a good example to the "Anaconda" singer's younger fans, which may show that it is alright and fun to humiliate and bully people.

On the other hand, the National Alliance on Mental Illness has reacted to the video, insisting that no person should be humiliated and treated as such. They also said that being sensitive is very much needed in treating people with cancer, as well as those suffering from a mental illness like the woman on the video.

Nicki Minaj has not yet released any statements regarding the issue and has not yet deleted the video from her Instagram account.