After being mocked on social media about urging fans to donate Hermès blankets to the homeless, Lindsay Lohan seemed to need a blanket herself. The "Mean Girls" actress was forced to leave her rented apartment because of unpaid debts. Lohan was kicked out of the rented £3.5 million worth of property after she was issued a demand for £77,600 unpaid rent from the landlord's lawyers.

The actress was threatened the courts will be petitioned for her bankruptcy if she does not pay the rent. Lohan was able to settle the debt, and has taken shelter at Blakes hotel, according to The SunMeanwhile, another report has stated that the "Mean Girls" actress lived in the property together with her ex-fiancè Egor Tarabasov. Mirror reported that Lohan and Tarabasov have been living in the rented apartment located at Knightsbridge.

The news site also reported Tarabasov left Lohan with the debt, but the actress was able to settle the unpaid rent, and move her things out of the apartment. Reports state that the "Mean Girls" actress will be staying over a friend's apartment while trying to figure things out. A recent report from Daily Mail stated that Lohan was mocked by people on Instagram after sharing a post that urges her fans to donate Hermès blankets to the homeless. The Instagram ost was a photo of a Hermès blanket hanging on a wooden horse.

The photo was captioned, "@hermes #blankets4peace let's start sending some to those in need. St. Christopher would consider it a peace offering in the holiday of any ONE person and their Holy Spirit." And though Lohan also mentioned that the blankets does not have to be Hermès, the post has received negative feedback from people while others saw the good heart in the actress through her Thanksgiving post.