Amid rumors and reports about their fading relationship, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom prove that they are still happy together. The "Roar" and "Lord of the Rings" actor just spent Thanksgiving together with Katy's family on Thursday evening wearing matching red pajamas.

Just like other celebrities, Katy filmed the celebration and shared it with her fans on Instagram. The "Fireworks" singer and Bloom looked happier than ever on the video Katy posted. Bloom was seen on the video holding a baby on his hand and a baby on the other, as reported by E! News.

On the video, the couple was obviously happy celebrating the American Holiday and said, "Hi Internet!" Aside from the video, Katy also shared a photo of her dad who was also in red pajamas and captioned the photo, "You don't choose your family but I can't quit em now."

According to US Weekly, a source told them that Orlando Bloom's 5-year-old son, Flynn, was also there to celebrate Thanksgiving with Katy's family. Flynn is Bloom's son with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Gossips and rumors about Bloom and Katy's breakup have just recently fueled. According to, news site In Touch Weekly reported that a source revealed Orlando was planning to breakup with beau Katy Perry not long after Halloween. The source said that Bloom claimed he's not yet ready to get married and have children.

On the other hand, another source close to the "Roar" singer told the magazine that Katy was the one who has about to break up with Bloom because the couple has been growing apart. However, a source has just recently cleared out these rumors and insisted that Katy and Bloom are just both busy with their own schedules and the couple often have to travel apart-which may have cause the speculations to spark. The source also cleared that Katy and Bloom are happy being together which was evident on the recent photos and video posted by the "Roar" singer on her Instagram account on Thursday.