Taipei is best known for its wonderful tourist attractions along with the fun activities available for tourists to explore and discover. Every tourist have their own preference when it comes to visiting a new country. Some may want to experience the urban city life of a country and others may want a more adventurous activity in the rural areas of the country. In order to serve its tourists better, Taipei introduced a system that allows travelers in Taipei to choose their preferences in their Taipei vacation.

The star rating system was introduced way back 2010. The main purpose of this system is to allow travelers to get the most out of their stay in Taipei. It allows them to see and experience what they want to in the country. With lots of hotels available for every kind of traveler form bacpackers to business travelers and even to families, accommodation is not a problem.

As reported by Travel Daily News and APD News, most hotels in Taipei have applied a local culture atmosphere. Due to the demand of travelers to be exposed to the culture of the country, it is best to adapt to the needs and wants of the guests. There are tons of hotels known for their great services and offerings such as the Grand View Resort Beitou. This hotel and resort allows guests to have a nice view of the mountains without having to leave the city proper.

The Hotel Royal Chiaosi is also known for providing a great view of the Lanyang Plain in Taipei. It also offers guests a chance to taste the freshly grown vegetables and caught seafoods of the locals. The Hualien Promised Land Resort and Lagoon was also mentioned to give a great view of the East Rift Valley and the lagoons. Thanks to the Star Rating system of Taipei, tourists get to experience an unforgettable journey just the way they wanted it.