Last Nov 9. Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of United States of America. This public voting result resulted to shock, bewilderment, and devastation all throughout the states and even some countries in the world. 

According to the NY Times, Tourism Economics President Adam Sacks stated that  "More money is spent in the United States by international travelers than anywhere else in the world." The news of the Trump Presidency caused the US dollar strength instability in the world market over but US dollar quickly gained ground. 

However, it's still too early to gauge the consequences may be. So, what does the presidential election outcome mean to travelers and holidaymakers? Does this mean that traveling to the US will now be more affordable?

A weaker US dollar currency certainly means that UK traveling to the US will get better mileage for their money. Though it's still not apparent if the pound will get back its foothold due to the Brexit vote given that it lost about 20 percent of its original value.

But, if it regained its currency strength then, travels to the US will definitely be a lot cheaper than the previous year. But the question now lies, if these travelers may feel inclined to travel to the US given the current presidential electoral result. 

And with the current rallies and protest in the US, even the Turkish government has released travel warnings to its citizen living and visiting US to be careful, as reported by CNN. Travelers are advised to use caution after an increase in racist or xenophobic attacks as some protest has turned violent after the Trump Presidential Victory. 

It may be possible that the decreased demand for tourists spots may deflate prices further and may affect the cost value of transatlantic travels. All of these may be contributing factor to cheaper travel to the US.