With "Supernatural" introducing us to supernatural beings, angels, demons, fairytales, folklores, Greek Mythology and mostly the Bible, on its fifth episode this season, Sam and Dean goes back to history. And this time, the brothers go back to Nazi Germany.

As usual, Sam and Dean are at the bunker when Dean tells his brother they should check out on a case. Both went and break into an antique store where Dean discovers a room full of Nazi items. He then started to check out on the things in the antique store and Sam reminds him not to touch anything until they are sure if those things wants to kill them or not, as quoted in Entertainment Weekly.

Sam and Dean then finds out that the owner of the antique store runs an underground business that catered to Nazis. And as the Winchesters try to solve the case, another victim is torched by the Thule but a young woman, Ellie gets to escape. The boys find out that all of the Thule's high command has gathered for a mission which they call "The Blood" which means that they can take them out all at once if they catch Ellie before the youngest Thule member captures her.

Turns out that the youngest Thule member was the son of one of the high-ranking officers who was in the bunker with Hitler before Hitler killed himself. And in this episode, Hitler did not die by a bullet. Instead, his soul was stashed in the pocket watch the boys got from the Thule and learned that they want to bring him back. The boys also find out that Ellie is blood related to Hitler and the Thule need her to fulfill their goal. And as the episode ends, the brothers come into a fight with the Thule and according to TV Fanatic, Dean gets a gun and kills Hitler. The episode ends with Dean saying, "I killed Hitler. I think I deserve some pie."