Sony's Sharefactory PS4 video-editing application has just announced its latest update. Its added new features will not only make Sharefactory more than just a video editor, but will also help prepare for the PS4 Pro's imminent launch. The latest addition includes the ability to create and share animated GIFs, make photo collages and take 4K screenshots.

The report indicates that Sharefactory version 2.0 is led by the GIF feature. This enables conversion of gameplay video clips to animated GIFs. The GIFs can be up to 10 seconds long and can be immediately shared to Twitter straight from the console. Although the size limit on this functionality is uncertain. It has been noted that Twitter allows GIFs to be as big as 15 MB if uploaded via web; then only up to 5 MB if uploaded via a mobile device.

Meanwhile, the Polygon reported that Sharefactory update includes PS4 Pro support. Sony's Sharefactory app also includes a new "internet meme" font to put notations to GIFs and screenshots for a more exciting viral image outcome. Sharefactory is also adding a Photo Mode function, which allows players to take up to six photos and create a collage showing off their favorite gaming moments. This will let users create collaged screenshots with filters and effects already offered in the app. Another update is a pan-and-zoom option for gameplay videos which is up to 20 percent faster when exported and adds new troll stickers, according to reports by The Verge

These features will all be available to Sharefactory users on any PS4. Sharefactory version 2.0 also supports the PS4 Pro with a more exciting catch as it has more robust capture abilities. Only PS4 Pro owners will benefit more on the 4K photo feature. PS4 Pro launches on November 10th for $399. as further reported by Polygon.