With the competition getting tighter, and copying being an issue between social media platforms, Snapchat changes the game by copying Instagram Stories' rewind feature and added new other features to the application like the new World Lenses, and a new way to share snaps to your friends.

Snapchat just had a new update for its iOS and Android users which became a hot topic since the social media platform copied Instagram Stories' feature: rewind. Before this happened, users needed to go to their already- watched Story list to watch a video again but with the new update, users may now tap on the left side of their screen to rewind a snap, and swipe left to go back to the start of the story they are watching.

Aside from the rewind feature, Snapchat also added a few more tweaks to the application through the update. Users are already aware of the Selfie Lenses which made the application popular. It can add dog ears and flower crowns to users' selfies. But as reported by Tech Crunch, the new update also introduces new World Lenses, will let users change their surroundings. "For example, you can add a sleepy cloud that rains down rainbow puke if you point your camera at the sky."

And this new app feature can also animate people's faces, with its effects depending if the user is using their phone's rear or front camera and will be available to use alongside selfie lenses on the camera screen.

On Sunday, Snapchat added a "Go Vote" airhorn and now, it has also added flashlight, snow, floating hearts, and other lenses, according to Gizmodo. Users will see a message that says "World Lenses will help Snapchatters decorate the world around them in even more fun and creative ways" when they access the camera screen as introduction to the new World Lenses.

This new update is said to be in preparation for the launch of Spectacles, since users may now also see an option in the application menu for pairing Spectacles to the app. Aside from the rewind and new World Lenses, Snapchat also added the ability of the users to share a friend's story or live story and send this snap to someone else.

This new update made available by Snapchat is said to be another step for the platform as it competes with Instagram. Recently, another issue has sprung when Instagram added Stories feature on the app and they have admitted that the idea was taken from Snapchat. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that "They deserve all the credit." People still believe that with this app tweaks and copying issue, the real deal is still which app executes these features best.