The messaging app, Messenger has been making changes on the platform and tweaks on every update made available to users. A new version of the application, Platform version 1.3, was just recently released a new version through an update which will give developers some new tools that they can use on present their content in the application. This has shown that Messenger is slowly evolving from just being a social and messaging application. And this time, it is going to give its users more traffic from advertisers.

According to Tech Crunch, Facebook has announced that they will be making sponsored messages in Messenger as part of the new update to the messaging platform, version 1.3. According to the information, this will be available to all advertisers. Six months before, Tech Crunch has reported that Facebook was already starting to test the feature on a small group of brands and users.

The new Messenger update was announced by David Marcus, VP of product for Messenger at the Web Summit conference in Lisbon after the recent announcement that Facebook is going to pause its intention to share data between its platform and another messaging platform, WhatsApp in accordance to ICO's request, a United Kingdom data protection watchdog.

As reported by Tech Crunch, "The data relationship between WhatsApp and Facebook is also being scrutinised at the European level, and has rubbed many users the wrong way, coming as it does after numerous assurances from Facebook, when it acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion, that it would run it as a completely independent business."

This information may have the users feeling that Facebook's update on Messenger is in contrast with the platform's purpose that users will only get messages from people on their friends list and those who are not on their friends list who will send them messages will go either to Message Requests or Filtered Messages. But in line with this, Facebook will be putting controls. Recently, it has been reported that Messenger is also testing its new update that will include games where users may play games with their Facebook friends and challenge them apart from being able to play basketball, soccer and chess with friends.