Australia also known as The Land Down Under has something exquisite under a US Naval Base in Exmouth, a restricted area that has been closed to the public for more than 50 years. While the navy operations are performed atop, beneath is a teeming accumulation of ecosystem that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage dive site and voted Top 10 dive destinations of the world.

Kristen Ross, co-owner of Dive Ningaloo is glad about the limited access to the area for quite some time because that paved the way for this undisturbed paradise. "The biodiversity for such a small area is incredible," Ross said. "It's often described as being like an oasis in the ocean, and restricted access and a ban on fishing has meant that jetty is teeming with marine life that gravitates to the structure for protection."

Dive Ningaloo reopens November 15, after being closed for maintenance works for 18 months. This ocean bliss is a two-day drive from Perth, but is very much worth the travel. Those who were privileged to dive there describe this mother nature's aquarium as something to be seen to believe.

Once there, whale and whale shark diving highlights your itinerary.  You can also snorkel and expect these amazing marine creatures greet you on your dive - giant turtles, massive cods, schools of trevally, pelagics, nudibranchs, tassled wobblegongs, shovel rays and sleeping reef sharks, scorpion, stone and lion fishes, angler, moray eel, octopus, and many more. This is not to mention the dense and diverse sealife and corals on display that will leave you breathless and in awe. Truly a fantastic sanctuary for these aquatic beings. But as great it is for our sea friends it is equally awesome for those who are privileged to swim alongside them and witness the paradise beneath this port city.