Jenn Smith Nelson shares her story during their trip to Saint Lucia wherein her sons tried out Snuba diving. Jenn shares that her sons were of course very nervous and hesitant at first, but once they were already under water after the orientation. They boys have seemed to transform and ended up pointing at the different sea creatures they were able to swim with.

Snuba is found within Saint Lucia's national landmark, Pigeon Island National Park, a 17.8-hectare wildlife preserve in the town of Gros Islet. Easier than scuba diving, with less bulky gear, divers can quickly acclimate and go down to depths of six metres. The activity involves regulators connected via tubes to a raft on the surface, enabling participants to stay underwater longer than they can snorkelling and with less gear needed to scuba dive.

There's no need for certification and divers can stay underwater longer than they can while snorkelling - making it a great option for kids and for everyone who simply want to appreciate the beauty found underwater, in an article from, Snuba diving activities are supposed to be authorized by SNUBA Recreational Centers worldwide. SNUBA Adventure is one of the Snuba diving tours authorized by SNUBA Recreational Centers. According to, this unique, entertaining experience allows one to be in and out of the water in less than an hour; offering an extraordinary experience without time-consuming classes or training.

The tour you offers a face-to-face experience with some of the most beautiful marine life in the underwater world. Swim with a school of fish, come across a hiding ray, catch a glimpse of a sleepy turtle, and take in the vibrant colors of the coral around-- one will definitely discover a world of incomparable beauty.

They require the snuba divers to be at least 8 years of age or older and must have at least basic swimming skills. Your SNUBA Guide will be with you for your entire tour. You'll SNUBA dive along a preset "SNUBA Trail" for the tour of a lifetime.