League of Legends, the game that's taking the world by storm, has just declared its champion from the sixth annual League of Legends World Championships. Thousands of people flew in from different parts of the world to attend the esports game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last Halloween weekend. The soldout arena was packed with aficionados awaiting the duel between professional competitive gamers, as well as, million online viewers all over the world.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game under Riot Games, which is part of the eSports world, a competition between video gamers from different game genres. According to Inverse, approximately 100 million players log in to the game in just one month, which makes it an immensely successful game with hundreds of team that plays it professionally. In addition, Newzoo declared that in 2016, there are 41 million viewers of the sport.

The site added, two South Korean teams duked it out in the finals, which are SK Telecom T1 (SKT) and Samsung Galaxy (SSG). Everyone expected for SKT to win a landslide with 3-0 match, but ended up with a 3-2 prevailed by SKT. The team brought home the Summoner's Cup, and is now a three-time world champion with a back-to-back win. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy gave a good fight and played their hearts out during the 6-hour battle.

With a record-breaking time of 72 minutes, this was one of the longest matches ever. SKT proved their team's dominance with their third league championship in just four years. The team's take home pay is reported to be $2 million shared between the five members. Blizzcon 2016 just finished and here are the rundown of the overall winners, for Overwatch World Cup South Korea is unbeatable with a 4-0 sweep against Russia. Hearthstone World Championship finals was between Europeans, then later on declared Pavel as the winner While, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship crowd roared with a grueling 7-game match and still, Splyce is the undisputed team this year, according to Blizzcon.com.