Airlines canceled nearly 100,000 flights last year - nearly three percent, or one of every 35. Nearly 9,500 more were "diverted. Cancellations are routine, particularly during wintertime because of the uncontrollable weather. says that one third of all delays and cancellations are caused by maintenance issues, two thirds by weather. Delays accumulate exponentially throughout the day. One may follow different tips such as flying in the morning to avoid such delays due to maintenance issues. Others may opt to follow tips such as avoiding regional jets flying out of hub airports. For hub airports are said to depriorize small regional planes because bumping them affects fewer passengers and costs airlines less money than rerouting an AirBus.

But if such tips won't cover much of one's travel dilemma, rejoice for Post Office is now offering flight delay assistance cover as part of its travel insurance. The service will be offered to customers who experience flight delays of two or more hours.

According to, those customers will have access to more than 650 lounges in over 300 airports, where they will be allowed to use the amenities and services while they wait for their flight. The free-lounge access will become available to passengers with Post Office travel insurance on the announcement of a minimum two-hour delay. This however will not include two consecutive 60 minute delays. Those passengers who experience delays and qualify for free long access will be sent an access code via text or email.

The service will be free to all customers who have purchased premier or premier plus cover. And to qualify, you will have register your flight details at least 24 hours before departure. The story comes after revealed travellers would may more if airlines offered a more personalised service. With the start of such trend for travel insurances, other agencies are sure to follow.