A family of five was astonished when a kangaroo hopped inside their caravan. The Lorrimer family had their camping in New South Wales, near Jevis Bay, when the kangaroo sneaked inside, based on report by Huffington Post.

Based in the said report, the three children of Justin and Bec Lorrimer chuckled with joy at the surprise visitor, instead of being afraid. The parents were trying to send the kangaroo out but they had a hard time doing so. Then, they used a bit of apple as a bait to lure the kangaroo out.

The bait worked well as the kangaroo agreed to leave and was successfully sent out of the caravan. However, the luring incident seemed to entice the 'roo community as the campers were surrounded by kangaroos lining up for a free feed the following day, according to Huffington Post.

It's just another day in the life of the Lorrimers, who have spent the past 10 months travelling around Australia. However, this cute encounter with the kangaroo will certainly be hard to beat, as per NT News.

By selling their house and hitting the road with their kids namely: Jack, four-year-old, Billy, two-year-old and Charli, 17-month-old daughter, the Lorrimer's spent their time in travelling Australia for 10 months already, as further explained in NT News.

"It's been the most amazing experience for them, they thrive on it," Bec Lorrimer told news.com.au. "They don't know any different, but every day is an adventure. They just love it," she added. They started their impressive travel adventures when their daughter Charlie was just six months old. That time, their on-the-road parenting has encountered a few ups and downs, as well.

Based on NT News, Justin and Bec Lorrimer are both professionals. Justin works as a qualified heavy duty mechanic while Bec is a nurse. They said they've always wanted to travel around Australia, and they realize the importance of getting outdoors and spending quality time as a family as it was stated on their blog.