If you like the outdoors, Vermont is a huge playground for you. It's an escapade for all the adventurers out there. This state is known for thousands of acres of mountain terrain that welcomes hiking and skiing enthusiast. The instagrammable surrounding will surely make your vacation worth the colds and the body pains, well, just in case you knock down trees with your face.

Even if you don't ski, there are still abundant things to do here that will keep you entertained.


This one is like walking in the park, an easy way to enjoy the snowy forests. All you need are snow boots and thick clothing to keep you warm. Reward yourself with the captivating views, fresh air and good workout as well.

2.Winter Hiking

Tops at over 4,000 feet, Camel's Hump in Huntington, is the third-highest mountain of the state and a popular winter hike destination. See the spectacular views from the summit. Frozen during winter, Stratton Pond and Lye Brook Falls are also great hiking spots. Test your endurance but be careful and listen closely to your tour guide.

3.Winter Camping

Find peace and meditate at the rustic surrounding of Green Mountain National Forest campgrounds. The forest supports rich and diverse wildlife, including moose, black bear and coyote. The beautiful woodlands will give you and your family that much needed quality time to bond and have fun. There's a vast of campsites within the area one of which is the Greenwood Lodge and Campsites.

4.Snowmobile Ride

But if you're feeling lazy to walk or ski, try snowmobile ride. It's an easy and fun way to be energized without hurting your feet. Sounds like a good idea? Rentals are available all over the place.

5.Ice Skate

When was the last time you skate? Well, tie your laces and join Anna and Elsa to find a frozen pond and feel like a kid again.


It's cold and everything you see is covered by snow, what a great way to warm your stomach with a hot brewed coffee. Take a break and enjoy your vacation.