Hundreds of passengers were left stranded at a Malaysian Airport after a plane skidded off the runway during take-off.

AirAsia Flight AK6443 was preparing for take-off from Sultan Ismail Petra airport.

The says, that the AirAsia aircraft was preparing for take-off on Tuesday evening when two of its three landing gears slipped off the edge of the runway and became lodged in the grass and mud.

Flight AK6443, which was scheduled to fly to Kuala Lumpur, and was making a U-turn, when the nose and left landing gears slid off the runway according to Aviation Herald.

Airport manager Ramzi Ahmad told the Malaysian Digest that the aircraft, which was due to depart at 10.25pm, was towed away at 5.45am the next day.

The accident temporarily put the runway at Sultan Ismail Petra airport out of use, which in turn impacted several other flights.

Three flights that were scheduled to land at the Kota Bharu airport were forced to turn back, according to the report.

Passengers were asked to disembarked the plane and go back to the airport to wait for their flight. Many passengers were still stranded at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport at 1.30am according to New Straits Time.

According to, the airline confirmed the incident in a statement the Aviation Herald and said that no injuries were recorded.

"AirAsia confirms that flight AK6443 scheduled to depart from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur yesterday night was involved in an incident while taxiing on the runway at Sultan Ismail Petra airport. All guests and crew on board the flight are safe and no injuries have been reported. All guests were attended to and all necessary assistance were provided. All AirAsia flights are operating normally from Sultan Ismail Petra airport today."

Flight AK6446 finally departed from the airport bound to its destination. It flew at 9:00 am the next day.