Residents of Kidlington, Oxfordshire were puzzled for coachloads of Chinese tourists coming in front of their gardens and parked cars for photos. The reason why travel firm brought groups of Chinese tourists into the average English village has come to light.

Apparently, the Chinese travel firm revealed that the real reason of bringing the Chinese tourists at the village was their search for the true sense of this country, according to BBC reportsTourists started coming over on their streets, which is three miles to the north of Oxford, in August as per locals in the village stated their mystified happiness.

Tony Bennell said in NZ Herald, "They do get very excited about it and really enjoy taking pictures. In front of the gardens and flowers. On the other hand, another resident named Simon Jones said that "It's really weird and nobody has a clue why Kidlington, and Benmead Road in particular, has suddenly become world-famous."

When the tourists returned last October 23rd, one of the residents in the Moors, Anne Clifton, gave the BBC's question sheet to one of the members of the team. A tour guide has gladly answered the BBC question sheet in order to solve the Kidlington residents' mysteries.

Moors said that the person who completed the form was not actually one of the tourists, but was leading the party. According to BBC, the Chinese tourists come to the British village because they don't have these in China.

It was revealed on their response to the question sheet that they are looking for the true sense of this country and this place appears to be the one they are looking for because the environment makes you feel you are closer to the simplicity of your original self, as per BBC reportsThey also disclosed that they like the houses [and] gardens.