Hotel rooms can be wildly luxurious, but they lack the creature comforts of a familiar place. These hotel hacks will make sure you're comfortable no matter what.

Use heavy-duty clothespins as toothbrush holders.

This is a very helpful tip especially if you're experiencing a shortage of glasses to be used for drinking purposes. That way, you won't have to occupy one of the precious few drinking glasses.

Bring a Cooler, a Hot Pot, Plates and Utensils

Room service can add significantly to the cost of your hotel. Packing a cooler, a hot pot and disposable plates and utensils allows you to shop locally and save a ton of money by "cooking" in the room, even if you don't have kitchen facilities. According to, most hotels are OK with guests bringing in their own food, but if you're not sure, ask before you arrive.

Charge your phone with the TV.

Fun fact from huffingtonpost, many hotel TVs have handy USB ports in the back, where you can conveniently plug in a phone cord.

Another thing you can do with your hotel TVs USB ports is for you to stream your favorite shows through the internet and connect it to your hotel TV for everyone to binge watch. If the hotel has Wi-Fi service for individual rooms and the TV set features an HDMI port (which is likely), you can stream your favorite Netflix shows to the TV from your computer, tablet or smart phone via Google Chromecast.

Wrap up leftovers with a CLEAN shower cap.

Every practical traveler would probably hate not maximizing one's use of free toiletries. Turns out those free shower caps make great airtight covers for room service leftovers. Wrap 'em up, and you're good to go!

Turn your AC unit into a humidifier.

Banish dry hotel-room air by wetting a towel and draping it near your air conditioning unit - you can use the ironing board for this - for a nice, soothing breeze. Ahh, just like home.