You read all the books about horror stories, watched films about exorcism, went to cemetery at ungodly time for real ghost hunting experience. You love researching about vampires, wolf, zombies, mummies, the possessed Raggedy Ann doll; you remain spellbound and waited for this season to fall its terror.

But before your favorite date is over, Universal Studios have good news for you. You can now extend Halloween. Halloween Horror Nights or HHN is just around the corner and waiting for you to come in. Prepare to be terrified on this cut-throat attraction. But before you go, here are some of the things that will excite you more.

1. Real-life horror movie

You saw them on big screen, inside the mazes, you are the actor. But this time, the shrieks are for real. No take twos! No scripts to memorize, just screams!

Haunted Houses will surely give you sleepless nights. The theme is derived from the famous movies like American Horror Story, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Walking Dead and a lot more. Relive every scene and see the dead comes alive connecting with you face to face.

2. The Repository

One of the highlight of HHN Orlando is the Repository. It delivers an additional immersive experience. Using a pair of virtual reality goggles, the fear factor is intensified.

"The attraction is a wild ride from start to finish, from the absorbing live performances to the expertly detailed sets. Surprisingly, though, it's the clever collision of VR and practical effects that can trick your mind into believing you've entered another dimension. While in the virtual world, for example, you can sense heat from the library fire, feel wind blowing past you on the tower, and even have your hair fluttered by bats. The latter effect, as well as the "dark entities", is created by actors maneuvering around participants with puppets and other props," one of the thrill-seeker commented.

3. Don't worry; you have a back-up

The chills might get to your heart, so better calm down and ask for back-up. There are non-costume attendants to save you if you can't take it anymore. They are just around every juncture and ready to bring you out in the real world.

4. Expectations!

Your appetite about the mystery of the underworld will be intensified here. With different haunted houses, scare zones, surreal rides and good scare-masters, bet your expectations will be met.

"It was AWESOME! We went this weekend and even the tough guys in our group were ducking (and screaming).Yes, we've been here before so its nothing new that this theme park does mazes the best.. in fact just bought our tickets to go AGAIN before the Halloween season is over," one satisfied fan said.

You can visit their website to buy your tickets. Halloween Horror Nights is extended until November 5.