Forza Horizon 3 is extensively recognized as one of the most visually remarkable console games ever made, according to The Guardian

It is a new driving simulation racing game on Xbox One which is based in and around a fictitious, but seemingly real, car festival.

According to The Guardian, the game gives players hundreds of miles of precisely modelled Australian scenery to sightsee, from dense rain forests to outback wastelands.

There are various races to enter, challenges to attempt and hundreds of new vehicles to unlock, but the major stand out is the developer's commitment to providing precise detail , as further explained by the Guardian.

This month, video game developer Playground Games sent six staff members from its studio in Leamington Spa to Braidwood, New South Wales, a tiny town in the south-west of Sydney, Australia.

They brought with them a custom built 12K-resolution camera neither to capture the scenery, nor film movie sequences; but they were sent there to record and film the sky.

Thus, if gamers played Forza Horizon 3, they will notice the dramatic, varying panoramas of cloud accompanied by evolving weather patterns, as per The Guardian.

Based on, when the agreement was to include the new Lamborghini Centenario in the game, Playground Games had to send a staff member over to Italy to photograph the only available production model.

From there, it's a process of modelling a mesh of the car in the art package 3D Studio Max, making all those images and measurements into a extremely precise representation, as further explained in

The process involved in creating a 3D model of a car for a game is now almost as rigorous as manufacturing the actual model for production, as per

According to the Tech Insider, Ben Gilbert, his views and reports about the game got thousands of views as he described the "Forza Horizon 3".

"Not only is Horizon 3 a blast to play, but it's by far the most gorgeous game on the Xbox One," said Gilbert in his statement in the Business Insider.

This game provides a spotless suggestion of where real-world simulation is leading this ever-more virtually and graphically innovative gaming industry.