The six-second video app owned by Twitter and was launched last January 2013, Vine, is shutting down for good. Since 2013, Vine has been a platform for people to let their creativity unfold and has also been used to find loops to enjoy and laugh at.

Through this app, users could share to the digital world their talent which helped them become popular. The most remarkable artist which was discovered and went viral in Vine is Shawn Mendes after posting a clip of him singing. Sadly, Twitter has decided to discontinue the app completely.

You're probably wondering why? The app was so great making your tweets come to life by adding Vines yet according to a report by Digiday we cannot stop other competitions to upgrade which resulted in major users to jump from Vine to other platforms which allow users to reach a broader audience which is more profitable such as YouTube and Facebook.

Nevertheless, Vine users will still be able to access and download their Vines. The website will still be accessible because Vine believes that these short videos have a special value for the users and it would not be fair to delete these permanently. Although the website and your videos are still accessible you will no longer be able to make or upload new videos. See the official statement here.

Recently, Twitter has also been reported to be struggling to become profitable. So, it's safe to say that Twitter decided to shut down Vine since it became unprofitable and contributes to the drainage of resources. There is no reason to keep something that no longer benefits you in any way.

Vine will still function completely for the few months before it's shut down and the creators are aiming to answer the questions of the majority. Through their Twitter account, Vine will be keeping in touch with us if there are any changes on the app.