When it comes to improving your vacation, most people would probably assume that it has something to do with getting better reservations at the finest hotel and restaurants, even upgrading your flight or arranging tour packages to make the most out of your sightseeing.

It is highly likely that paying for baggage fees would not even cross your mind when thinking of ways to further enhance your vacation.

However, according to a research done by University of Kansas, they have discovered that paying for higher baggage fees can unexpectedly make your trip even better.

Ben Squires of Stuff explains the rationale behind this unlikely theory: "The reason? Well, it just so happens that if you're paying more to check your baggage, you're actually much more likely to arrive at your destination on time."

The study suggests that this occurs because paying higher baggage fees are closely linked with the behaviors of the passengers, thus making their flights more likely to leave on time.

The researchers found out that when you pay for higher baggage fees, it is more likely that fliers are persuaded to inspect a lesser amount of bags which allows the handlers to load them onto the planes in a much more proficient manner.

Though the bags are loaded more efficiently, it seems that it has a backward effect on passengers - making it an even longer time for them to board the plane, since it causes them to look for enough overhead space for their baggage.

As reported by Independent Traveler, a researcher from the University of Kansas has an answer to this: "The below-the-cabin effect dominates the above-the-cabin effect."

They also report that the researchers are aware of how security measures are common among airlines, so the significant decrease in the amount of total checked luggage did cause an improvement in everyone's performance.

The most significant improvements were observed from the major hub airports, since this is where they generally go through the largest amount of checked bags - handling them in such a way led to much fewer delays.

The study also observed that there is a significant drop in baggage related complaints from passengers since the baggage fees were implemented initially.