Recently, the WiFi Alliance has finally certified the super-fast Wi-Fi standard "WiGig," as reported by Engadget.

It is a high-speed, 60 GHz standard otherwise known as 802.11ad.

According to Engadget, the WiFi beamforming yields up to 8 Gbps from 30 feet away. Using beamforming, it can provide speeds of up to 8 Gbps, or nearly 1GB per second from a distance of up to 10 meters.

When it says '8 Gbps,' it is around three times faster than the best 802.11ac routers can perform at the moment.

The very first mobile device to sport the said standard is the Dell Latitude E7450/70. Both Intel and Qualcomm have certified router solutions, as further reported by Engadget.

According to the Verge, the Wi-Fi Alliance is now certifying smartphones, routers, laptops and other devices that include WiGig.

However, it has its big limitation. The Verge pointed out that the WiGig only works over a short range, about 33 feet (or 10 meters), according to the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Meaning, even if a user has a router and a phone or laptop that support the standard, the user will only get speeds within the vicinity of the room where the router is located in.

"We talk about it as an in-room technology," says Kevin Robinson, VP of Marketing at the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Kevin Robinson also conveyed that WiGig could find applications in sports stadiums and other large venues.

Despite this limitation, it can still unwrap a lot of possibilities. One of it is its potential to the growing Virtual Reality devices.

WiGig assures enough speed for wireless VR, as further reported by The Verge.

Even though the WiGig itself isn't brand new, with the official announcement of the Wi-Fi Alliance's certification program, it is essentially the starting gun for the deployment of WiGig, as explained by Engadget.

As majority of the members of the Alliance are from the tech industry, they have made a consensus that it is about time to move forward with WiGig, especially by next year.